House Stellenbosch (Residential Architects)

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Hermanus Community Day Centre (Healthcare Architects)

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House Llandudno (Residential Architects)

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Durban Road (Residential Architects)

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The Stables MyCiti Bus Depot (Industrial Architects)

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Cape Town Architects

Gallagher Lourens Architects are Cape Town based architects that have been operating for 15 years. The architects have experience in a wide variety of architectural projects ranging from small residential architecture to corporate headquarters. The architects enjoy working on diverse projects and the research and in depth investigations make for an interesting and fresh approach to building design, honing their already extensive technical expertise.

“As professional Architects we are passionate about our work and pride ourselves on taking architecture in Cape Town and South Africa seriously.”


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Environmental Architects

Our team of expert architects strive to find creative, innovative and environmental design solutions which are respectful towards the South African environment, both natural and man-made, and which do not mimic existing precedent, but rather take cues from it. Context and technology are both important informants in our work resulting in appropriate architecture that speaks of specific time, place and culture.

Contemporary Architects

We believe in the creation of functional, comfortable and inspiring environments that address the needs of the inhabitants. Similarly, we believe that the contemporary design of the larger urban environment, which extends beyond the building itself, is equally important and that these environments should create positive connections with each other.

Building Design

A dynamic, practice with staff that have varied experience. Building design in the Western Cape is a passion of ours. The principal architects give a lot of their energy to singular projects. Everyone in the team has the opportunity to contribute or criticize. We believe in collaboration on many levels including with the client (or user), who plays an integral role in creating the brief and developing the building design.

Sustainable Design

Our South Africa centric architectural practice is a member of the Green Building Council and we subscribe to the principles and practice of sustainable design and building technology. Sustainable design seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space.